How-To: Hold Me Hair Clips

How to use Hold Me Hair Clips to section hair while blow-drying

Alli Webb, founder of Drybar, explains how to use Drybar Hold Me Hair Clips to section hair while blow-drying.

Sectioning Your Hair While Styling

It is important to work in small sections when blowing out your hair, but it can sometimes be really hard to keep those sections manageable! Introducing Hold Me Hair Clips from Drybar.

What Do the Hold Me Hair Clips Do?

The Hold Me Hair Clips from Drybar hold large amounts of hair out of the way for when you're blowing out or styling your hair. They stay firmly in place without slipping out, but leave no indentation on damp or dry hair! They also can be removed so gently and easily without pulling on your hair. Learn how to best use them here with Alli Webb, the founder of Drybar.

Here's How to Use Hold Me Hair Clips

  1. Draw a line through your hair with the clip.
  2. Then, pull that section to the side.
  3. Secure that section with the clip and release. It's that easy!