Limited Warranty

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Only applicable to Australia and New Zealand

We sure hope that you won’t need it, but just in case, your Drybar tool is warrantied for two (2) years from the day of delivery from Drybar or a Drybar authorized seller. For a complete list of Drybar authorized sellers in Australia and New Zealand, please visit:

Here are the details:

Drybar Products LLC, a Delaware limited liability company (“Drybar”) warrants to the original product or service purchaser (“Customer”) that the Drybar product for which the Customer received this warranty will be free from hidden defects or a lack of conformity. A product has a lack of conformity if: (a) the product is not suitable for the use normally expected of a similar product, (b) the product does not match the description given by the seller in terms of quality or performance, or (c) the product does not match the quality and standard of product performance of the same type that a consumer can reasonably be expected given the nature of the product. Drybar’s product shall be free from hidden defects and a lack of conformity for two (2) years from the date of delivery. Drybar’s obligation under this warranty is to repair or replace the product, at Drybar’s option. Drybar must be notified in writing of any claim under this warranty within two (2) months of any claimed lack of conformity of the product or service and the defective product must be returned to Drybar or a Drybar authorized seller.

Warranty Service Options.

For service under this warranty you can contact Drybar at:

to notify Drybar and you can take your Drybar tool back to any Sephora location in Australia or New Zealand along with proof of purchase to redeem a replacement under the warranty.

Warranty Exclusions. Representatives of Drybar are not authorized to modify this warranty in any way. It is the Customer’s responsibility to regularly examine the product to determine the need for normal service or replacement. This warranty does not cover the following:

Normal and industry acceptable wear and tear such as shorts in the power supply cord or plug;

Damage due to misuse and abuse such as dropping, incorrect voltage supply, or neglect in safety precaution;

Tampering, such as repair or attempted repair by an unauthorized party;

Neglect or lack of proper maintenance;

Products that have been modified, neglected or poorly maintained, misused, abused or involved in accidents or natural disasters;

Damage occurring during shipment of the product (such claims must be presented directly to the shipping company);

Damage or deterioration to the surface finish, aesthetics or appearance of the product; or any products for which the Customer does not follow the warranty procedures outlined above.