Our Favorites: What (TF) Is Drybar?!

What to expect out of a Drybar hair styling experience

Alli Webb, founder of Drybar, provides a quick synopsis of what Drybar is, and what to expect out of a Drybar hair styling experience. No cuts, no color, just blowouts - and so much more!

Once you check in, your stylist will come greet you and give you a menu of hairstyles to choose from. Your stylist will also help you decide which hairstyle is best for you since there's a bunch of options. Depending on your hair type, the reason you're getting a blowout, and any other reason, your stylist will know what's right for you.

After you decide, you'll go to the shampoo room - a great blowout starts with super clean, conditioned hair! You will also be given the option to add on hair treatments such as a scalp massage, for example. Once you're back in your styling chair, this is when you can relax with a glass of champagne, a mimosa, your coffee, watch a chick flick, get some work done...you get the idea. Once the stylist is finished, you'll get what we call "the big reveal," and the stylist will show you your finished hairstyle. You'll then say your goodbyes and walk out the door feeling confident and ready to take on the world feeling and looking your best!