Signature Style: The Southern Comfort

Get big hair with lots of volume, signature look: The Southern Comfort

How to Get The Southern Comfort Blowout at Home

Alli Webb, founder of Drybar, shows you how to get big hair with lots of volume with Drybar signature style, The Southern Comfort! Shop Drybar Products & Tools, including The Southern Comfort Bundle, to achieve this look.

What Do You Need?

Getting the Southern Belle Look

  1. Start with super clean, damp hair. Apply Hot Toddy Heat Protectant and Southern Belle Volume-Boosting Mousse to your hair and comb through with the Super Lemon Drop Detangler Brush to evenly distribute the products.
  2. Set your part and rough-dry your hair to remove excess moisture. TIP: If you have fine hair, rough drying will give your hair some more texture to work with. If you have coarse or curly hair, go easy with the rough dry so as not to dry out your hair too much.
  3. Section your hair at the back and at the crown so you're only working with the front part of your hair.
  4. To build volume in your bangs, dry your hair in horizontal sections, curling up and away from your face. The trick here is to rotate the brush while lifting the roots. This helps to build volume. Connect your sections and roll the brush away from your face to create lift and a slight feathered look. Remember to always work in small, manageable one-to-two-inch sections.
  5. Take a section of your hair with your finger and roll the brush up and down the hair shaft horizontally for volume. Use lots of tension for maximum volume and hold. You're done with the front!
  6. Move back to the crown. Make sure that you hold your brush horizontally to create volume. Use lots of tension and repetition.
  7. Once each section is dry, add some High Tops Self Grip Rollers to lock in the volume. The trick with the rollers is to use a lot of tension when you roll toward the crown. Then, just give it a little wiggle to hold it in place. Add The Sheriff Medium Hold Hairspray to help set it.
  8. Keep adding rollers and hairspray with each section of the crown you complete.
  9. When drying back, make sure you use maximum tension to lift the root and create maximum volume. Make your way across the back of your head with this technique.
  10. If your arm gets tired, just let the brush sit in your hair and drop your arm. Keep the blow-dryer moving over the brush. This will help to set and lock in that volume and curl.
  11. When you finish the back section, you can remove the rollers gently and position the curls with your fingers.
  12. Flip your hair over your head and add hairspray for tons of volume. Toss your hair up again, and there you have it!