How To Curl Hair With a Round Brush

How to blow dry curls with a round brush

Curling Your Hair with a Round Brush

If you want your curls to last, you have to blow them in with a round brush and a dryer. Alli Webb, founder of Drybar, demonstrates how to blow dry curls with a round brush.

How to Curl Your Hair with a Round Brush & Blow-Dryer

  1. Section your hair and rough-dry the front to get rid of excess moisture.
  2. The key to curls is to work in small, manageable sections. Hold your brush vertically with the brush handle down and curl away from your face. Be sure to use lots of tension and repetition.
  3. Then, twist the hair off the brush, maintaining the shape of the curl.
  4. Work your way to the back of your head, holding the brush vertically and twisting away from your head.
  5. For a little extra lift on top, hold your brush horizontally when working near your crown.
  6. After your hair is dry and still warm, shape the curls with your fingers to help them set.
  7. Once you've curled your whole head, shake and tousle for the perfect blow out! You can use any of Drybar's hairsprays, including Money Maker Flexible Hold Hair Spray or The Sheriff Medium Hold Hair Spray, to set your beautiful curls.