How To Style Short Hair

Tips & tricks for styling short hair

How to Style Short Hair

Sometimes it can be hard to figure out what to do with short hair, but Alli Webb, founder of Drybar, shares some tips & tricks for how to style short hair.

How to Blow Out Short Hair

  1. As always, start with super clean hair.
  2. Apply Southern Belle Volume-Boosting Mousse at your roots for bounce and body.
  3. Then, comb the mousse through your hair with the Super Lemon Drop Detangling Brush to help build big volume.
  4. Tousle and rough-dry your hair to remove some moisture from your hair and cut down on drying time. Make sure you blow dry your hair down to the hair shaft!
  5. Section off the front of your hair so you can work in small, clean sections. Blow out your hair with a round brush and work around your head, blowing in curl as you go. Wrap the hair around the brush, then twist the curl out.
  6. Once you’ve worked your way around your head and your hair is dry, use a curling iron at 350 degrees Fahrenheit to softly curl small pieces, starting in the front. For short hair, you can use your other hand to lock the hair around the iron while curling. Pull the curl lightly if you want the wave to be looser.
  7. For a little more texture and shine, apply The Chaser Shine Cream to the palm of your hands and twist into the ends of your hair. A little bit goes a long way!