Signature Style: The Cosmo

How to get lots of loose curls with Drybar's signature style, The Cosmo

How to Get the Cosmo Blowout from Drybar

Want to achieve the perfect loose curls look? Learn how to attain Drybar's signature style blowout, The Cosmo, with our founder Alli Webb, and get this amazing look for yourself!

Here's What You'll Need

  1. Half Pint Small Round Ceramic Brush
  2. Hold Me Hair Clips
  3. Buttercup Blow-dryer
  4. The Chaser Shine Cream

How To Get the Loose Curl Cosmo Look

  1. First, towel dry super clean hair to remove any moisture.
  2. Section away the hair in the back so you can easily work in the front.
  3. Rough-dry the front to get rid of excess moisture. You don't want it to be completely dry, but damp: just not dripping. You'll want the back to remain damp, too.
  4. The key to curls is to work in small, manageable sections. Hold your brush vertically and curl away from your face. Roll in and out, then twist the hair off the brush, maintaining the shape of the curl. Continue curling one to two inch sections. Use lots of tension and lots of repetition.
  5. As you move towards the back of your head, keep tying up the section you aren't drying so it stays damp. Also, keep curling back and away from your face.
  6. For extra lift on top, hold your brush horizontally when working near your crown. To get more curl at the crown, hold the brush vertically.
  7. When you're done, connect the sections by freestyling on connecting parts.
  8. After blow drying, while the hair is still pretty warm, I sometimes twist the curls with my fingers to help it set.
  9. Shake and tousle your hair for a natural looking blowout.
  10. Finally, add a little of The Chaser Shine Cream to the palm of your hand and work through the ends of your hair, twisting the curls to define and seal the ends.