How To Style Bangs

The right way to blow-dry bangs

How to Style Bangs

Alli Webb, founder of Drybar, shares her tips & tricks for how to blow-dry bangs the right way!

How to Blow-Dry Bangs

  1. While rough drying, gently comb your bangs with your fingertips or a soft bristled brush.
  2. Point the blow dryer down the hair shaft and hold the round brush vertically while blowing the hair away from your face.
  3. Once your hair is almost dry, you can work in a few horizontal sections.
  4. For a feathered look, roll the brush vertically up towards the hairline while blow drying even more.

How NOT to Blow-Dry Bangs

  • Don't only hold the brush horizontally while blow drying down, unless you’re getting ready for an 80’s party! You can style some sections with a horizontal brush at the end when your hair is almost completely dry.
  • If you have super curly or coarse hair, don’t rough-dry your hair too much before styling.

How to Blow-Dry Longer Bangs

  1. Rough-dry your bangs to remove excess moisture and to set your natural part.
  2. Hold the brush vertically and roll up and down the hair shaft while blow drying to help set the shape. Twirl the brush out to keep the curl intact. Continue up and back to really lock in the curl. Repetition is key!
  3. Continue across your head, bringing it all together and swooping the hair out.