Old Fashioned

Old Hollywood Waves

The Old Fashioned, our newest signature style. It's old Hollywood waves.

Straight Up

Straight with a little bit of body

The Straight Up, our signature blowout. It's straight, with a little bit of body.


Sleek & smooth

You can’t go wrong with The Manhattan, our sleek and smooth style.


Lots of loose curls

Get lots of loose curls with The Cosmo!

Mai Tai

Messy, beachy hair

Effortless, messy, beachy hair.


A little Cosmo, a little Mai Tai

A little Cosmo, a little Mai Tai!

Southern Comfort

Big hair, lots of volume

Get big hair and lots of volume with our Southern Comfort style!

Dirty Martini

Tousled and textured

The Dirty Martini is our tousled and textured style!


AKA updos!

Shirley Temple

Ten & under, how cute is that!

For our 10 & under girls, how cute is that!?

Add Braid

Just $10!

Add a braid to your blowout!