My Fave Go-To Workouts

Happy 2016!! It’s the New Year which means it’s time to start working off all those holiday treats. I tend to get a little off track during long holiday breaks (ugh!) but signing up for a class and working out in group usually gets me out the door. Here are a few of my fave go-to workouts that I can’t live without!

1. SoulCycle: Probably my all-time favorite…I would literally go to SoulCycle every single day if I could! Not only is it a great work out for the body, it’s really great for the mind. The instructors, the music, the environment – you’re guaranteed to leave feeling incredible.
2. Barry’s Bootcamp: Another one that I regularly frequent! It’s that perfect mix of cardio and strength training that I love…your heart rate is up the entire time AND you know you’re going to feel it the next day, which is the best!
3. The Haute Room: This place is so close to home, I sometimes run there for a little extra workout. Lacy, the owner, is such a hard ass, but I love it. It’s seriously a body-changing workout.
4. Flex Studios: Being on the road can make it difficult to get my workouts in, but whenever I’m in NYC, I try to hit Flex Studios. Getting in a good sweat while traveling is a must! They have Pilates, Barre and a class where you do it all! You use your own bodyweight as resistance so it really challenges every muscle!

Cheers to an active and healthy 2016!
xx, Alli