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Make Your Blowout Last Through The Rain

Make Your Blowout Last Through The Rain

I personally LOVE the rain! It makes me so happy, especially since we get so little of it in Southern California… El Niño has sure delivered a lot of it!

Our friend Jimmy Kimmel seemed very concerned about it ;). Happy to hear you’re such a loyal barfly Jimmy! Don’t fret, check out my tips and tricks on making your blowout last all winter long. Not to mention, we’ll always give you a a free “Rain Blows” umbrella after your blowout on a rainy day!

1. I always go with a messy blowout (aka Mai Tai or Dirty Martini) on rainy days. Set as much texture, waves and movement as possible. It will camouflage any frizz that arises from the moisture in the air. Keep a pomade or shine cream in your purse to twist and scrunch as needed throughout the day.

2. Hats are always a good choice. Choose a looser fit like a fedora or panama hat to prevent crushing any waves. You can also add two loose Pocahontas type braids and tuck them into your jacket or sweater. Once you’re inside, you can take your hair down and… tousle and twist a few pieces, voila!

3. Triple Sec & Sparkling Soda! These are my lifesavers for any weather dilemmas. For hair that flattens in the cold winter air, turn up the volume by spraying a little Triple Sec into your mid shafts and roots. Since the precipitation of rainy days can bring out those flyaways, keep a Sparkling Soda Shine Mist handy for an instant frizz-free finish! (Our cute little travel sizes are perfect for storing in your purse & office drawer too)

Bring it on rain!
xx Alli Webb