How To’s

Braids are Here!

You asked for it, and I am SO excited to officially introduce Drybar’s new Braids service! Yay! There’s so much love over here about braids… Such a fun way to dress up your blowout!!

I love a good crown headband braid. To create one, follow these steps!

1) Start by prepping your blowout with The Chaser Shine Cream. Create a side or center part in the hair.

2) Using the Hold Me Hair Clips, make a diagonal back parting starting from the part line over the top of the ear, and clip the hair out of your way. Repeat on the opposite side.

3) Start with a 2- to 3-inch rectangular section of hair at the top of one ear and begin a 3-strand braid, directing toward the top of the head.

4) Braid the entire section of hair, while guiding toward the top of the head and secure with an elastic when you reach the end of the strands. Repeat on the opposite side.

5) Massage each braid to expand and widen, then criss-cross the finished braids over one another at the top of the head.

6) Using bobby pins, secure the end of the braid to the base of the opposite braid.

7) Release the rest of the hair from the Hold Me Hair Clips and finish with The Sheriff Firm Hold Hairspray.

Cutest. Headband. Ever!!