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It all started in 2008 when I began a side business called Straight-at-Home, providing a strictly referral-based in home blowout service in Los Angeles. Business and popularity quickly outgrew my one-woman show, it was time to expand. Drybar was born two years later on February 12, 2010. With the help of my brother Michael and my husband Cameron, as well as the rest of the amazing Drybar team, our signature beverage-themed blowouts have blown up with 65+ locations throughout the US and Canada, as well as our growing product line, (created specifically for the perfect blowout).

Stay in the loop by checking in on and Drybar and my own updates to keep up with my Dry-it-yourself video tutorials, commentaries, favorite events, and activities! You will also find the latest information about new Drybar locations and new online products!

xx, alli webb

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