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A blowout from Drybar is the perfect way to complete any look. And at this price, it's a "guilty pleasure" you never have to feel guilty about!

Josie Maran

From the hip vibe to the amazing staff,
Drybar nailed it in every way!

Paige Tolmach

Drybar is a god send! I have already been three times and every single girl who did my hair got it perfect. I'm now a devoted "Barfly". The price is perfect, the space is gorgeous, and the stylists are top notch.

Paige Appel

Love the whole experience. Great design, cheerful and attentive staff and great
blow dry!

What a great concept!
Ellen Phillip

Love my experience at Drybar! Huge Fan. My hair is not easy to deal with and it's never looked better than when I left there that night. I looked like I was ready for a Victoria's Secret photo shoot - no the body, just the hair :-)

I'll definitely be back soon! Helen Hills

Love Drybar!
What a simple straightforward concept - and what's not to love about a blowout at this price!

Cindy Crawford

Loved it here!!! I was SO excited when I found out a bout this place - I've always been wanting to do a blowout and not pay $70 for it. This is a steal!

I'll definitely be back!! And not just for the champagne...

Fances Z.

This place is my own version
of Heaven.
I am a "Barfly" and go in about twice a month for a blowout, glass of fruit infused water or wine and a chick flick. Everyone does a great job.

Rebecca T.

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