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Hi there! So, you're interested in a Drybar franchise.
Sweet! Below you'll find a whole bunch of helpful information about Drybar and what it takes to become a Franchise Partner. Plus, an application at the bottom of the page.

Take me to the application.

Let's start with what Drybar isn't.
Drybar is not a hair salon.

Drybar is an innovative new concept in the multi-billion dollar beauty industry and is hailed by Entrepreneur Magazine as one of the 100 best new ideas of 2010. Drybar has taken the country by storm with a refreshingly simple concept: provide amazing blowouts, in a fun and beautiful environment, at a shockingly affordable price.

Our tagline says it best:

No cuts. No color.
Just blowouts®.
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Before Drybar, women had two not-so-great choices when it came to getting a blowout:

Begrudgingly pay $80-$100 at their regular
hair salon.

Endure a less expensive experience at a
discount chain like Fantastic Sams or Supercuts.

Drybar finally gives women a third option: a salon-quality blowout in a fun, beautiful environment, all at an amazing price. You can see why people get hooked.

Alli Webb, a long-time professional stylist, created the Drybar concept to fill the huge demand for a professional, affordable blowout in a comfortable and fun atmosphere.

To bring her vision to life, she partnered with her husband Cameron, a creative director at Secret Weapon Marketing, her brother Michael Landau, a former long-time marketing executive at Yahoo, and architect and designer Josh Heitler of Heitler Houstoun Architects.

It became clear immediately after opening that this type of concept was very long overdue.

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We award franchises based on qualifications including, but not limited to:

net worth of $1,000,000 and liquidity of $350,000


retail or hospitality experience


energy and enthusiasm

general compatibility with the concept

Above all, we're looking for people who share our obsessive dedication to over-the-top customer service. It helps, but is not required, if you or someone on your team have some hair-related experience. You will also need to be able to make a fairly significant financial investment. Building a beautiful Drybar doesn't come cheap—the initial all-in cost to open a Drybar ranges from $581,070-$1,239,360.

We prefer operators who will be actively involved in their first store and not just ask for daily cash counts from Anguilla. We also need the right fit for your proposed location that doesn't conflict with our existing corporate expansion plans.

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Finding great locations for every Drybar is a collaboration between the franchisee, our corporate team, and our preferred real estate partner, The Greenberg Group, which specializes in retail tenant representation.

Their clients include brands such as Vince, Gucci, Lacoste and Steve Madden. While we don't require our franchisees to use 'em, we do recommend it.

In addition to being very good at what they do, they also know our brand very well and will be a valuable resource as you seek out a location for your Drybar.

When it comes time to start the process, we'll share lots of information about our target demographic. But we've learned that it's pretty much women with hair.

The award-winning firm of Heitler Houstoun Architects will provide comprehensive services necessary to design and coordinate construction of your Drybar, including space planning, design, construction documents, and the option to help the bid process and support during construction.

We have negotiated a flat fee for design and architectural services for each new Drybar location, which is well below the industry standard for work of this caliber.

We'll make it super easy for you to open and operate your Drybar. For example,we provide the following initial and ongoing training and support:

  • Help finding a location and
    negotiating your lease.
  • Complete store design, development,
    and construction support services.
  • Full integration with our customized
    online booking and POS systems.
  • Cost-savings by utilization of our
    centralized phone center for taking appointments.
  • Comprehensive operations manual.
  • Training for 1-3 members of your team
    in our Southern California locations.
  • Centralized Drybar "music profile"
    wired to each location.
  • Marketing support and guidance
    including social media, public relations direct mail and promotional materials.
  • Pre-opening training at your newly
    constructed shop.

Instead of telling you where we are growing, it may be easier to explain where we are not growing through franchising. The markets designated on the map are excluded opportunities since they are either corporate markets or are designated for our current franchise partners.

We are currently targeting metropolitan markets with at least 250,000 people within a 30- minute drive time.

Current Excluded Markets

Corporate Market
Franchise Market

Okay, enough of the mushy stuff. Let's talk cash. The start-up costs for a Drybar development is outlined in the following illustration. Yes, we know, there is a huge spread between the low-side and the high-side. Most of the difference will depend on the cost of your construction. Obviously, per-square-foot construction in New York City is vastly different than per-square-foot construction in Nashville, Tennessee.

How much can I make as a Drybar franchisee?

The Federal Trade Commission and state franchise sales regulations do not allow franchisors to provide profit projections. However, if you become a qualified candidate, we would be happy to share our Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD). Our FDD will highlight historical sales from our franchised locations.

How much are the royalties and other annual fees?

Our current Initial Franchise Fee is $50,000. Royalty fee is 7 percent of gross sales. Marketing fee is up to 2 percent of gross sales.

Do I need experience in the hair industry?

No. We are looking for individuals who share our obsessive dedication to over-the-top customer service. We can teach you and your team the rest.

How much does it cost to become a Drybar franchisee?

All-in start-up costs range from about $581,070 to $1,239,360 depending on a number of things, including the size and condition of your location. A complete breakdown of these estimated costs is included in our FDD.

Does Drybar offer financing?

No, you will be responsible for financing. We would be happy to introduce you to lenders and financing brokers who are familiar with our business.

How long does it take to open a Drybar?

Each location is different, but the most time-consuming steps tend to be site selection, lease negotiation,build-out (including permitting)requirements, and training. However, we anticipate it will take approximately 6 to 9 months from signing your lease to opening day at your Drybar.

In order to take the next step in opening your own Drybar, we ask that you fill out and return the following application.The information you provide will help us determine if we are a good match for each other. So don't be brief or shy!

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