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Introducing “The Morning After” Shower Cap
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I’m SO excited to introduce “The Morning After” Drybar Shower Caps! Ever since launching Drybar over two years ago, I’ve been searching high and low for the perfect shower cap that would help extend the life of our gorgeous blowouts by a few days. But I couldn’t find one. So, after exhausting all my search options, I decided to make it myself. “The Morning After” is the result of me testing literally hundreds of existing shower caps and is created according to my own picky specifications. For starters, it’s roomier than most shower caps, allowing for lots of hair. It’s lined with terry cloth, so it won’t trap humidity the way plastic caps do. There’s a special cotton band that goes around the forehead to avoid that annoying red mark that many caps leave. Plus, it comes in a super adorable box, that, along with the $15 price, makes it perfect for gift giving.

“The Morning After” is available online now and in all of our stores, starting this Friday, March 9.


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Josie June 02, 2015

Just wondering how can I wash the inside of my cap and prevent the edges from getting moldy?

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