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We’re going back to our roots!  As some of you may know, the idea for Drybar came from my mobile blowout business, Straight-At-Home… Yep, about 6 years ago (pre-Drybar) I was driving around town, blowing out hair for the fabulous ladies of LA! I got so busy (yay!) that I decided to open a physical location so my clients could come to me! Of course, none of us could have ever imagined that 5 short years later we would have 43 locations and almost 3,000 stylists (gulp!).

Well, for the last year we have had our tech team building a brand new app to bring you an Uber-like experience to book a stylist to COME TO YOU! That’s right; home, office, gym, hotel - we will come to you with the same Drybar stylists you love as well as all our Drybar products and tools we use in our shops every day. ‎It’s super easy (and actually really fun) to use - you can easily see how close the nearest stylist is to you and when she/he can arrive. The tip’s included in the $75 price and payment is all via the app. (Booking via the app is currently only available in NYC, but we expect to roll it out across the country soon! But if you’re outside of NYC you can still book a Dry-on-the-Fly the old fashioned way by calling 877-379-2279 ext.2)

Just download the Drybar App here, or update the Drybar app that’s already (hopefully) on your iPhone and select ‘Book a Blowout’. Then just select Dry-on-the-Fly and, voila!, your stylist will be on their way in a New York Minute!

A great blowout is just the tap of a button away!


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Liz June 22, 2016

I am trying to book for August 27th for 7 people.  Is there someone I can email to arrange this now? Thank you!

Anna May 14, 2016

Dear DryBar:  Allow me to compliment you.  You have a great concept, convenient locations, terrific branding and a service that is very appealing to traveling women.

However, there are some areas where I strongly suggest some review.  I travel about 2-3 weeks a month, and generally need a blow-out 2-3 times per week, pending appointments and scheduling.  I’m not always available to come to your location, so the blow on the fly is a great concept.  However, here I am today in San Jose, only 4 miles from your Santana Row location and:  (1) this store doesn’t answer the phone; it goes to the 800 number; (2) I was on hold 3 separate times for over fifteen minutes each time until I had to give up and try yet again; (3) not all of us have iPhone as there is still an Android market out there; (4) you try option #3 for the dry on the fly appointment only to be greeted with a voice mail message that says to leave a message, and just when you take a breath and prepare to leave that message, you find yourself listening another breathy greeting that the mailbox is currently full and to call again; (5) there are two different 800/877 numbers on your website, and the same prompts come on when the service answers; and (6) you try and find a valid email address on your website to contact customer service to seek additional support and/or to voice a complaint, and alas, there is none.  I suppose I am the only one with such difficulties.

As a veteran of the service industry trained extensively to cater to one’s customers needs, wants and whims—and who listens to their public—I suggest you look into your customer service and communication methods.  You might find another untapped market of desiring customers out there.

Allison Mayer April 22, 2016

Hi I need up do for 2 people tomorrow at the Roosevelt about 3:00. Hair will be clean dry and ready to go. Very simple up do.
Email or call or text 310-936-4446

Lauren April 03, 2016

I’m looking to book a dry on the fly for multiple people.  It would be for my sisters wedding in a few months.  Is that possible? Please email me if that is possible.

Jamie March 17, 2016

Hi. I’m interested in reserving 3 stylists for dry on the fly, on June 9th from 3:30-6pm. They would come to our office prior to an event to give the ladies blow outs. Am I able to book this without the app? Please feel free to email me.


LH October 31, 2015

Hi why doesn’t the app work?? Can’t book NYC dry in fly

Marissa September 20, 2015

Hi I am desperate for a DOTf tday. THe NYC app isn;t even working. Can you come tonight before 10 pm or tomorow at 8 am? I live in chelsea at 261 west 19

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